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Bayalew EP Release Party 28 Oct 2023

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We are in peace, are you in peace? We are called kings. Our 'A' path, which we started as "kings" in our childhood tongue, has given birth to time and has brought us to today. It is not like the feet of a child as the creator's permission, but as the person who swallowed the spit, he put on his favor and spread his robe, giving thanks to the "one" who gave us honor before our age, the ancient culture and tradition of the flower. In the form of trust, we inherited from records and fathers, we weaved in moderation for the time we are in, and we said goodbye if we started to dare to wear it. Words are a great debt of conscience, and we used the sound and image media as a bridge with the little wisdom that the age has allowed us. We say that what is remembered is shared and to create a memorable era, we all have to work together in our profession. "He who knows yesterday will stand on today and conquer tomorrow." We are kings, give us glory.

It is our work that has gained recognition from the public for the first time across the Nile.


For what... In the face of James.
If you have... Seven pages of seven music.
. #Bayalew #Bayalew new Ep
Everyone is a king by profession. # are kings

Peace be with you

We said hello

We are called "Negestat". The journey: Ethiopian music and our love for our country has led us towards making music that have gained wide acceptance amongst our people and has become a topic of discussion for our listeners. Our first single "Abay Mado" that featured Veronica Adane, Amanuel Yeshiweded (famous for his acting on "Alula Abanega") and Kassahun Bogale (another acclaimed actor recognized by his role on "Ye Maleda Kokeboch"). This single track has introduced us to the public and garnered us popularity and large number of social media followers. "Negestat" was officially launched in February 2007 Ethiopian Calendar by Rapper "Emperor" and "Qädamawi". It currently consists of the two founding rappers only.


By the will of God, we believe that if our plan is successful, we still have a lot of untapped potential and we think we will take Ethiopia and Ethiopian music to a higher level in Africa and the international arena.
We truly thank you, our dear fans and listeners, for the honor and love you have shown so far. In association with Bandira Addis Map Entertainment PLC (BAME Records) we will continue to bring you fresh, culturally deep rooted and exciting productions.
We truly thank you for your support.